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About Us

Regional Infrastructure Pty Limited (ABN 75 111 451 140) is a proprietary limited company incorporated in New South Wales. It is owned by two shareholding companies with extensive agribusiness and project development experience in the livestock industry.

Regional Infrastructure Pty Limited was formed to pursue the development of a series of Agribusiness Centres and is currently actively investigating a number of opportunities in NSW, Queensland and Victoria.

Palisade Regional Infrastructure Fund

Palisade's Regional Infrastructure Fund has been established to invest in a wide range of infrastructure in regional areas throughout Australia. These investments include, but are not limited to, roads, water and sewerage facilities, waste treatment, airports, railways, gas pipelines, power generation and distribution facilities.

This fund is managed by Palisade's infrastructure team within the award winning Palisade Investment Partners Ltd.

Find out more about Palisade's Regional Infrastructure Fund at www.palisadepartners.com.au

Management Approach

Regional Infrastructure Pty Limited has a flexible management arrangement that is able to adapt to local requirements.

Usually a Management Group consisting of permanent staff and agents would be set up to create a management system to ensure the Regional Livestock exchange (RLX) is run efficiently and profitably to everyone’s satisfaction.

Regional Infrastructure Pty Limited has an open management style where input from stakeholders is listened to and good suggestions quickly acted upon. Capital funding is readily available for improvements that can be supported by a sound business plan.

Stock Agents will be responsible for the efficient management of the sale process and will be valued members of the management group. They will have every incentive to build their businesses, achieve greater throughput numbers and better sale prices. Regional Infrastructure Pty Limited will look for ways to recover some of the stock currently sold through direct selling and expect to obtain better prices through full price discovery, industry leading presentation of stock and depth of buyers.

Market forces dictate the need to maintain a competitive fee structure. Regional Infrastructure Pty Limited knows that producers will send their cattle long distances to achieve a better net price. Regional Infrastructure Pty Limited is confident that improvements to the selling conditions and good marketing techniques can raise the average selling price per head considerably.

None of the Regional Infrastructure Pty Limited investments so far have required a total revenue stream greater than 2% of turnover.

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